THE FOLLOWING IS A LISTING (WITH ILLUSTRATIONS WHERE AVAILABLE) OF THE D.G. MODELS RANGE, 1971 to 1973. No.5  1948 M.G.1.¼  Litre saloon No.6 1936 Jaguar 2.½ Litre No.7 1937 M.G. 1.½ Litre Tourer No.11 1938 Jaguar 1½ Litre D.H.C. IN 1973 THE MODELS WERE SPLIT INTO SEPARATE                        RANGES AND RENUMBERED. SPARE PARTS FOR DINKY CARS AND CONVERSION KITS  WERE ALSO AVAILABLE. 1974 ONWARDS Page 2 No.2 No.4 No.14308 No.9 No.14304 No.14309 No.14310 Page 9